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I’m the Best Coder! Challenge Campus Edition 2020 aims to discover the most accurate and most efficient coder.

Through this competition, we aim to:

  • Equip undergraduates with essential data analytics skills and expertise to prepare them for the new digital economy
  • Bring the tech community closer through problem solving and knowledge sharing together
  • Provide participants with the opportunity to work on real dataset and challenges in the internet industry

About the competition

I’m the Best Coder! Challenge Campus Edition 2020 is a one-day data analytics competition, open to all undergraduate students.

The competition consists of 2 rounds of data analysis problems designed by Shopee tech teams. Participants must analyse the dataset, draw insightful conclusions and solve the problems in a specified amount of time.

Not only will participants get a chance to code to generate insights that solve real industry problems, this competition will also provide them with an opportunity to test their coding skills and understand the importance of data analytics skills required in Shopee.


The Top 3 teams will win attractive cash prizes!


Please note that I’m the Best Coder! Challenge Campus Edition 2020 has been postponed until further notice. A new timeline will be shared at a later date.

Meanwhile, registration will remain open for all interested individuals. Sign up now before our slots get full!

Training Workshops

Sign up for the challenge and indicate your interest during registration to be shortlisted for our training workshops! Shortlisted individuals will have the opportunity to attend free training workshops specially organised by Shopee. Confirmation will be sent to shortlisted individuals only.

More details on the training workshops will be released soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Competition

Given the current situation with the Novel Coronavirus, will I’m the Best Coder! Challenge Campus Edition 2020 be cancelled?
No, the event will not be cancelled. Instead, it will be postponed until further notice. Registration will remain open for all interested individuals. Do sign up now before our slots get full!
Where can I find event updates with regards to the Novel Coronavirus?
I’m the Best Coder! Challenge Campus Edition 2020 website will be updated regularly. Registered teams will receive additional email notifications should there be any event updates. If you have any queries, do reach out to us at!
Am I required to code in Python?
No, you can use any other programming languages.
I have no/little knowledge about coding. Can I still participate?
Is it necessary for the whole team to stay throughout the competition?
Yes, the entire team has to be physically present throughout the competition. For pairs, your team will be automatically disqualified if either members leave. For teams of 3 or 4, it will be on a case-by-case basis.
What do I have to bring to the competition?
Please bring along your own set of laptop, charger and adaptor as no equipment will be provided. Each team member is restricted to one set of laptop, charger and adaptor.
What is the difference between I’m the Best Coder! Challenge 2019 and this upcoming Campus Edition?
The Campus Edition is only open to undergraduates of all universities in Singapore. While it follows the same format, the cases will be different.
Can I access the Internet during the competition?
Where is the competition held?
The competition will be held at the National University of Singapore, University Sports Centre (2 Sports Drive, 117561).
When and what time is the competition?
Competition date and time will be revealed at a later date.


What is the age limit?
While there is no age limit, only undergraduate students are allowed to participate in this challenge.
I will be an incoming freshman in August 2020. Can I still register?
You may register as per normal if you already have your matriculation number. If you have not yet obtained a valid matriculation number, please write in to us at with your submission ID and an official university acceptance letter.
I am an exchange student at a local university. Can I participate?
Yes, as long as you have a valid matriculation number from a university in Singapore, you can participate.
I’m a postgraduate student from a local university. Can I participate?
No, this competition is only open to undergraduates.
My team consists of members from different faculties and/or universities. Can we still form a team?
Yes, so long as all members are undergraduates studying at a local university.


Can I sign up as an individual?
We will not accept any individual sign-ups.
Will every team member have to submit the registration form once?
No, registration is done by team. You only need to submit one form as a team as each form will require all members to fill in their details.
How do I know if my registration for Best Coder Campus 2020 is successful?
A confirmation email will be sent to you after you submit the form. If you did not receive it, please write in to us at to check your registration status.
Does my registration via this form guarantee my team a seat during the actual competition?
No, it does not. Your team will receive a second confirmation email to indicate if your team has been successfully registered.
When does registration close?
Registration will remain open until the new event date has been confirmed, or until further notice.
When filling in the registration form, I keyed in my details incorrectly. How do I make changes to it after the submission?
Please write in to with your Submission ID and Team Name. We will remove your previous application and you can resubmit the application form with the correct details.
I would like to add/ change/ remove a member. How do we do so?
Please write in to with your Submission ID and Team Name. We will remove your previous application and you can resubmit the application form.
On the event day, must I register my attendance with my team or can I do so individually?
You must register your attendance with your team. All team members must be present before you can enter the hall.

Do you have any questions about Best Coder Campus?

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